Prioritize and Succeed

Learn to prioritize your tasks by mastering just one tool - The Eisenhower Matrix.
Kevin · September 12, 2020

Even when things are really hectic, Prioritizing your goals will help you plan your way effectively through a difficult day. How? By organizing or completing things in order of their importance. Finish the urgent and important things first. Learn how to Prioritize and Succeed!

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Kevin Fynn lives happily in the nexus between technology innovation and technology entrepreneurship; for more than 30 years. In the world of technology education and innovation, he is known as an academic entrepreneur currently holding the position of Professor and Director of Industry Engagement, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Curtin University. He also sits on the Curtin Commercialisation Advisory Board. He formerly held the position of Head of School of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Curtin University, for over 10 years. Professor Fynn is published in diverse fields of electrical engineering and has a patent that launched a start-up company. In the world of technology entrepreneurship, he is a serial entrepreneur having co-founded Xelor Pty Ltd, Sensear Pty Ltd, TheBuzz Corp Pty Ltd, iCetena Ltd, Hearmore Pty Ltd, MobiRoam Pty Ltd, Hearing Again Pty Ltd, TickingHeart Pty Ltd; and a founding shareholder of ASX publicly listed companies Nuheara Ltd and Paincheck Ltd. Not all of his ventures have been successful but he has learnt a lot along the way and also from the experiences of his peers and mentors. He now mentors and guides many entrepreneurs and start-ups through their entrepreneurial journey. Kevin is passionate about the professional development of engineers and technologists and in nurturing entrepreneurs to create, build, and grow their innovations into successful companies.

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